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Vision Science is a great resourse for research in human and animal vision.

Viperlib is an image library designed for teachers and researchers in the area of perception and visual processing.

Michael Bach (Universit├Ąt Freiburg im Breisgau) has assembled a collection of compelling, dynamic effects to illustrate the limits of our understanding of how vision works.

Mighty Optical Illusions: Features an Illusion of the Day. Lots of trick photographic effects and interesting perceptual phenomena. A Dashboard widget is available for the Mac to display the illusion of the day.

Optical Illusions as Decorative Wall Art: Features numerious links to illusion web resources especially useful for school children. (Thanks to Courtney Phillips and her students).

Binary Arts: An interesting collection of puzzles and illusions.

The Blieb Team: Modern renditions of some classic visual illusions from a Z├╝rich design team.

Whole Brain Atlas: Contains 1,302 images of the normal and pathological brain. Site created by Keith A. Johnson (Harvard) and J. Alex Becker (MIT).

Face Recognition Data Base: Links to many data bases of face photographs maintained by Mislav Grgic and Kresimir Delac (University of Zagreb)

More Faces: From the lab of Michael Tarr, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition and Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University.

York Facevar: From the lab of Mike Burton, University of York

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