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The Psychology of Perception (PSYC 4165-100), Spring 2003

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00–10:50 Muenzinger D-156

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Instructor: Lew Harvey TA: Joe Biedenkapp

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Signal Detection Theory
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Laboratory 1, Laboratory 2, Laboratory 3, Laboratory 4
Study Guide 1, Exam 1 Results
Study Guide 2, Exam 2 Results
Study Guide 3, Exam 3 Results
Final Grade Distribution

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Students Making Their Research Presentations

Group 1

Spatial Frequency Bandwidth for Recognizing Common Objects

Helen O. Lutz
Emily Armiak
Malinda J. Kloer
(Allison F. Mitchell)

Group 2

Effect of Tempo and Mode (Major or Minor) on Duration Judgments of Music.

Sheri L. Kalina
Emily D. Gaud
Taleen D. Maranian
Anita L. Gray
Group 3

The Effect of Strobe Frequency on Visual-Motor Skills

Andrea L. Grall
Hal M. Anderson
William B. Flores
Amanda M. Vecchio
Group 4

Common vs. Uncommon: Name Recollection

Christopher E. Daffan
Stephanie A. Doyle
Noah T. Hurianek
Latife Bulur
Robert R. Ried, III
Group 5

The Role of Handedness on Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Carl J. Grodnik
Gayle A. Partridge
Halley D. Fitzpatrick
Jennifer G. Scheib
Daniel P. Harrington

Group 6

Effect of Mouse-Direction Reversal on Visual-Motor Coordination

Lloyd S. Doughty
Margaret A. Gillette
Sarah N. Pillard
Matthew R. Hartmann
(Chad L. Howard)

Group 7

Accuracy and Adaptation with Inverting Goggles

Rachel S. Mason
Jessica S. McStravick
Aaron P. Dignan
Leah M. Huntsman

Group 8

Chocolate Preference and Sensitivity to Bitterness

Michele M. Avignon
Megan J. Buttner
Bradley M. Defnet
(Anna M. Messmer)

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