Lewis O. Harvey, Jr.

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The Psychology of Perception (PSYC 4165-100), Spring 2002

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:00–10:50 Muenzinger D-156

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Instructor: Lewis O. Harvey, Jr. Teaching Assistant: Paula M. Beall
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Signal Detection Theory
Homework 1, Homework 2, Homework 3, Homework 4
Laboratory 1, Laboratory 2, Laboratory 3, Laboratory 4
Study Guide 1, Exam 1 Results
Study Guide 2, Exam 2 Results
Study Guide 3, Exam 3 Results

Undergraduate Research Day Posters

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The lab groups planning their presentations
1. "Context Effect on Perception of Ambiguous Figures"

Kimberly C. Lorenz

Rose M. Miller

Tyler D. Williams

Jennifer L. Rogers
2. "Taste Thresholds and Papillae Density"

Daniel A. Livesay

Shannon P. White

Kristen M. Rowe

Robin E. Burke

Jason A. Ziegler
3. "Pitch JND and Flickering Light"

Kelsey L. Riley

Eric A. Toonder

A. Heather Allred

Paula M. Klaffky

Kevin M. Camp
4. "Accuracy of memory in the Stroop paradigm"

Jeremy D. Rhode

Heather M. Crump

Leland I. Tulper

Mark A. MacDonald
5. "Celebrity Face Parts"

Kyra M. Dougherty

Diane E. Nandin

Mary C. Rea

Jason W. Wenger

Brian A. Taylor
6. "Synesthesia: Color and Pitch"

Kevin S. Vlack

Lauren H. Thomas

Kelly B. Richards

Allison C. Prime

Stan K. Lake
7. "N-Back with Color"

Leslie M. Welch

Lynda J. Dukas

Joel R. Spahn

Shawndra P. McCrorey
8. "Crummy Web Sites"

Vincent W. H. Ku

Craig O. Spring

Alexis E. King

Nikki C. Nolet

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