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The Psychology of Perception (PSYC 4165-100), Fall 2001

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30–10:45 Muenzinger D-156

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Signal Detection Theory (pdf)
Homework 1, Homework 2, Homework 3, Homework 4
Laboratory 1, Laboratory 2, Laboratory 3, Laboratory 4
Study Guide 1, Exam 1 Results
Study Guide 2, Exam 2 Results
Study Guide 3,

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The lab groups make their presentations

Group 1 1. "The effect of conversation on concentration"

Diwata Perez

Ashley Offensend

Megan Nehr

Sergio Gairo

Group 2 2. "Effect of color on emotional responses"

Steven A. Turek

Nicole S. Skogg

Christopher T. Berry

Group 3 3."Cognitive task performance levels in the presence and absence of classical music"

Heather Barr

Geoff Klopp

Ryan Zwelling

Mike Gramsas

Keith Brown

Group 4 4. "Peception of time as it correlates with activity"

Laural Wade

Jessica Larson

Gillian Cremona

Heidi Fagerlund

Mike Franko

Group 5 5. "Perceived attractiveness of facial features"

Vivian Davis

Susanne Walker

Anna Bogestad

Melissa Schwegel

Bethany Williams

Group 6 6. "Flavor perception performance in relation to visual, gustatory and olfactory manipulation

Laura McArthur

Keven Conway

James Hale

Lilli Milton

Group 7 7. "Attention disorders"

Ritika Batra

Amy Olson

My Nguyen

Caroline Kelly

Caitlin Healy

Judy Kim

Group 8 8. "The effect of color on change blindness"

Elizabeth Joswick

Aliea Herbert

Raquel Stell

Francisco B. Martinez

Group 9 9. "The effect of tempo on time perception"

Rachel Carberry

Karyn La Ferita

Kristen Barlow

Lindsey Goodman

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