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1. Validity of DSM-IV ADHD subtypes in a community sample (PI: Erik Willcutt)

2. Validity of ADHD in young adults (PI: Erik Willcutt)

3. Brain mapping and genetics of executive deficits in ADHD (PI: Marie Banich)

4. ADHD neuroimaging network (PI: Stephen Faraone)

5. ADHD molecular genetics network (PI: Stephen Faraone)

6. ADHD endophenotype working group (Chair, Erik Willcutt)

7. Linkage analyses of neurocognitive traits in sib pairs with ADHD (PI: Alysa Doyle)


Executive Functions

8. Executive functions and self-regulation: a twin study (PI: John Hewitt)

9. Determinants of Executive Function and Dysfunction (Center Director: Marie Banich)


Reading Disability and comorbid ADHD

10. Colorado Learning Disabilities Research Center (Director: Richard Olson)

11. Longitudinal twin study of early reading development (PI: Richard Olson)

12. Longitudinal twin study of reading disability (P.I.: Sally Wadsworth)

13. Australian longitudinal twin study of reading and attention (P. I. Brian Byrne)

14. Etiology of reading difficulties and comorbid ADHD (PI: Erik Willcutt)

15. Gene - environment interactions in reading and speech-sound disorder (PI: Lauren McGrath)


Other disorders and comorbidities

16. Genome screen for abnormal eye movements in schizophrenia (PI: Randy Ross)

17. Neurocognitive correlates of schizophrenia and ADHD (PIs: Erik Willcutt, Randy Ross)

18. Multilevel analysis of self-regulation and substance abuse (PI: Tiffany Ito)*

19. Communications Disorders Consortium (PI: Bruce Pennington)*


*funding pending

Rounded Rectangle: Understanding Psychopathology Across the Lifespan:
The Six Main Areas of Research in the Lab
Rounded Rectangle: Genetics
(1-16, 18, 19)
Rounded Rectangle: Neuro-psychology
(1-10, 16, 17)
Rounded Rectangle: Causes of Comorbidity
(10-15, 17, 19)
Rounded Rectangle: Development of reading
(10-15, 19)
Rounded Rectangle: Neuroimaging
(3, 4)
Rounded Rectangle: Validity of ADHD
(1-8, 10-14)