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Current funding

Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development Colorado Learning Disabilities Research Center. Differential Diagnosis in Learning Disabilities (Director: Erik Willcutt, Associate Director: Richard Olson): NICHD P50 HD 27802, 9/28/17 - 7/31/22, $7,273,303 total direct costs. I am Director of the Center and PI of Project I, the Administrative Core, the Engagement Core, and the Data Core.
Attention, Behavior, and Learning Clinic (Co-PIs: Nomita Chhabildas and Erik Willcutt). University of Colorado Outreach Award, 6/1/04 - 5/31/18.
Behavioral genetics training grant (PI: John K. Hewitt). NIMH T32 MH 16880, 7/1/89 - 6/30/20.

Completed funding

Learning Disabilities Innovation Hubs: Neurobiological underpinnings of math and reading comorbidity (Hub Director: Stephen Petrill; Colorado PI: Erik Willcutt). NICHD R24 75460, 9/1/12 - 9/27/17. $1,797,851 total direct costs.
Longitudinal twin studies of math, reading, and ADHD (PI: Erik Willcutt): NICHD R01 HD 68728, 4/1/11 - 1/31/17, $2,497,500 direct costs.
Differential Diagnosis in Learning Disabilities (Director: Richard Olson, Associate Director: Erik Willcutt): NICHD P50 HD 27802, 12/1/11 - 11/30/16, $7,273,303 total direct costs. I am PI of Project I and the Service Core for this Center grant, and Co-I on the Administrative Core and Research Projects III and VI.
Multilevel analysis of self-regulation and substance abuse (PI: Tiffany Ito): NIDA R01 DA 24002, 5/1/09 - 3/31/15, $1,935,519 total direct costs.Family study of dyslexia in an ethnically diverse sample (PI: Jeffrey Gruen). Manton Foundation, 9/1/08 - 8/31/14.
Executive functions and self regulation: A twin study (PI: John Hewitt). NIMH R01 MH 63207, 6/1/01 - 5/31/13.
Determinants of executive function and dysfunction (PI: Marie Banich). NIMH P50 MH 79485, 4/22/08 - 1/31/13. Total direct costs $7,237,015.
Etiology of reading disabilities and comorbid ADHD (PI: Erik Willcutt). NICHD R01 HD 47264, 7/1/05 - 5/31/12. Total direct costs $1,899,451.
Longitudinal twin study of early reading development (PI: Richard Olson). NICHD R01 HD 38526, 3/1/00 - 5/31/11.
Interventions for children with attention and learning difficulties (PI: Peter Jensen). Ackerman Foundation, 7/1/07 - 9/30/08.
Longitudinal twin study of Reading Disability (PI: Sally Wadsworth). NIDCD R01 DC 05190, 12/1/01 - 11/30/07. Total direct costs $925,000.
Validity of DSM-IV ADHD subtypes in a community sample (PI: Erik Willcutt). NIMH R01 MH 63941, 9/1/01 - 7/31/07. Total direct costs $1,125,000.
Validity of DSM-IV ADHD in an ethnically diverse community sample (PI: Erik Willcutt). NIMH R01 MH 62120, 8/1/00 - 7/31/06. Total direct costs $1,075,000.
Brain mapping and genetics of executive function in ADHD (PI: Marie Banich). NIMH R01 MH 70037, 6/1/04 - 5/31/10. Total direct costs $1,125,000.
Abnormal Eye Movement in Schizophrenia: Genome-wide Scan (PI: Randal Ross; subcontract to University of Colorado: John K. Hewitt). NIMH R01 MH 66115, 1/1/04 - 12/31/09. Total direct costs $1,125,000.