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Core_tools Core tools
These functions are used in multiple toolboxes,
and should be on your Matlab path (with subfolders) if you are using any of the other toolboxes.
This version is SPM2/5 and 8 (???) compatible, and compatible with 3-D or 4-D analyze files (.img). They should also read Nifti (.nii) files as well. Not all combinations of platforms/SPM versions have been tested, so please report bugs or other problems.
Last updated 3.26.2010
Mediation Toolbox: Single- and Multi-level Mediation Search
Mediation toolbox
Inverse Logit Hemodynamic Response Estimation Toolbox - version 1.0
This toolbox will estimate parameters for a flexible hemodynamic response function (HRF) using three superimposed inverse logit functions.
Genetic Algorithm - version 1.1.2
Optimize experimental design for fMRI. SPM99, SPM2, SPM5, SPM8
Robust Toolbox - version 1.2
Robust second-level analysis of brain imaging data
- includes visualization tools, but requires SPM2/5
Last updated 2007.8.10
Visualization: CANlab 3dHeadUtility
3-D volume visualization and movie tools (used with robust toolbox and mediation toolbox)

Last updated 2010.7.12
Meta-analysis (Multilevel Kernel Density Analysis) - version 1.0 Hewma
version 1.0 beta
Diagnostic tools
See in particular:
scn_session_spike_id.m, scnlab_pca_denoise_session.m, scnlab_norm_check3.m, effect_size_map.m
Last updated 2010.9.10
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