Robust Toolbox v1.1

Wager, T. D., Keller, M. C., Lacey, S. C., & Jonides, J. (2005). Increased sensitivity in neuroimaging analyses using robust regression. Neuroimage, 26(1), 99-113.


Matlab: Robust Toolbox 1.3

This set of functions is intended to run 'random effects' analyses using iteratively reweighted least squares (IRLS), a model fitting technique that is less sensitive to outliers than ordinary least squares (OLS).

  • You must have the statistics toolbox (sorry!)
  • This software is compatible with output from SPM99, SPM2, SPM5 or in general programs that write Analyze contrast images
  • Works on any platform, in Matlab. Unzip to use, and put the folder on the Matlab path