Mediation Toolbox v. 3.26.2010

Mediation Toolbox v. 3.26.2010

Click here to download software: (Latent model not supported in this version.)

*NEW in 2008* Mediation Help Document

Mediation example data

*NEW in 2009* Second-level moderators in whole brain search; batch results script; Iterative Generalized Least Squares (IGLS) whole-brain analysis; other additions. The core functionality of mediation.m and mediation_brain.m is unchanged.

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  • Note: You must have the statistics toolbox
  • This software is compatible with output from SPM2, SPM5 or in general, programs that write Analyze images. Needs testing for SPM8
  • Works on any platform, in Matlab. Unzip to use, and put the folder on the Matlab path
  • This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0631637.