Important note to people intending to correspond with me. As should be obvious, I am not the late Croatian Communist Dictator Josip Broz Tito. It would therefore be a very bad idea to mistake the late 20th century convention of constructing email addresses from the first initial of one's first name and one's entire last name to mean that my name is Tito.


Follow this handy chart to tell us apart.


Tiffany Ito



Communist Dictator

Assistant Professor



Reviled by many

While students in her lab may think she sometimes acts dictatorial, wields considerably less power than your average communist dictator.

Most likely is not responding to email

Has an email address involving the letters "T," "I," "T," and "O." Experiences alternating waves of amusement and annoyance when referred to as "Dr. Tito", "Professor Tito", "Mrs. Tito" (a personal favorite), "Ms. Tito", and just plain "Tito." Needless to say, is much less likely to respond favorably to an email when it comes from a person who cannot even figure out what her name is....

Coming soon: How to tell the difference between Tito Jackson and Tiffany Ito.