Social Psychology
Spring 2003


The final grades are now posted outside of Muen E321. If you want to pick up your final paper, you can get it from Professor Ito.

Lots of stuff related to the last 2 weeks of class:

  • I have to attend a talk on Monday, 4/28 at 10:30-11, so I will be out of my office at that point. I will extend my office hours to 12:30 on that day.
  • I will have extra office hours on Thursday, 5/1 at 4:00 - 5:00 for last minute finals questions.
  • The study guide was handed out in class on 4/24. You can also get a copy off the class outlines page.
  • An updated print out of grades was posted on 4/24. It has all grades to date on it.

Scores from midterm 3 are now posted outside Muen E321. In addition to the exam scores, there is a column with your point total in the class. This total reflects the 2 highest scores from the 3 midterms, the first application paper, and the 2 in-class reaction papers, so it will give you a good sense of how you are doing in the class overall.

On Monday, 4/7, my office hours will be 9:30 - 10:30 and 11 - 12.

The study guide for exam 3 is available by clicking here. If you picked one up on class, be sure to download a new one. Some of the pages may not have been copied for the version given out in class. The due date for the second application paper has been moved back to Tues, 4/15. You absolutely must have your paper turned in by 12:30 on the 15th or your grade will be reduced. No papers will be accepted after 5 pm.

Yes, we will be having class on Thursday, 3/20.

The first application papers are graded and were handed back in class on 3/18. There is also an updated version of the grades posted outside Muen E321 and outside the classroom that includes grades to both midterms, the in-class reaction papers, and the first application paper.

The due date for the first application paper has been moved back to Tuesday, March 11. This will give you an extra weekend to work on the paper. Be sure you turn it in at the beginning of class to avoid point deductions.

The grades for midterm 1 are posted on a bulletin board across the hall from Muenzinger E321. I will also bring a copy to class and post it somewhere near our classroom.

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