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University of Colorado at Boulder

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Research in the CU Social Neuroscience Lab

Our lab uses a social neuroscience approach to study the mechanisms that underlie complex social processes. This approach uses an interdisciplinary, multi-level perspective to understand the interplay between neural systems and social processes in determining behavior (Ito & Cacioppo, 2001, 2007). Our research integrates theories and methods from social psychology, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience to study issues related to stereotyping, prejudice, person perception, drug addiction, and recovery from traumatic brain injury. Our methods include event-related brain potentials (ERPs), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), measures of autonomic nervous system activity such skin conductance and heart rate, facial electromyography (EMG), and behavioral measures.

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Recent Lab News

Spring 2013: Exciting employment news! Lab alumnus Jeni Kubota will be joing the faculty at the University of Chicago Department of Psychology this fall and Keith Senholzi has accepted a post-doctoral position in Kevin Spencer's Neural Dynamics Lab at Harvard Medical School.

Keith Sneholzi was awarded a Summer Graduate School Fellowship from CU to fund completion of his dissertation.

Sarah Grover was one of the winners of the SPSP Graduate Poster Competition at the 2014 conference. She was also awarded a student travel award to attend the meeting.

Fall 2013: Tiffany Ito and former Social Neuroscience post-doc Jane Stout, along with collaborators Noah Finkelstein & Steve Pollock, received a new grant from NSF to study the role of belonging on women's achievement and retention within STEM.

Chris Loersch was featured in National Geographic talking about his in press work on the social functions of music.

Social Neuroscience Lab research was featured in a National Geographic piece on the Changing Face of America.

New papers from the Social Neuroscience lab:

Summer 2013: Keith Senholzi's comprehensive exam is now in press: Ito, T.A., & Senholzi, K.B. (in press). Us versus them: Understanding the process of race perception with event-related brain potentials. Visual Cognition.

Tiffany Ito was named a Fellow of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology.

Chris Loersch's work on the social functions of music was accepted for publication at Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Loersch, C., & Arbuckle, N. L. (in press). Unraveling the mystery of music: Music as an evolved group process.

Spring 2013: Congratulations to Anna Gitarts on completion of her senior honors thesis. Her project recently culminated with a fantastic oral defense. In recognition of her achievement, she was named co-recipient of the 2013 Muenzinger Award, recognizing the top graduate in the department.

Congratulations to Sarah Grover, who was just awarded a Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grant to support her research on stereotype threat.

Congratulations to Kismet Smith, who was accepted into the Masters in Public Health program in Applied Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at the Colorado School of Public Health.

Congratulaitons to Keith Senholzi, who was selected to attend the 2013 Summer Institude in Social Psychology and Personality at UC Davis.

Fall 2012: Congratulations to post-doc Jane State, new Director for the Center for Evaluating the Research Pipeline at the Computing Research Association.

Jane Stout and Tiffany Ito's paper with CU Physics colleaques Steve Pollock and Noah Finkelstein How a gender gap in belonging contributes to the gender gap in physics participation was named a finalist for the best paper award at the Physics Education Research Conference.

CU Social Neuroscience lab at the Society for Psychophysiological Research annual meeting: Lab members Erika Henry, Keith Senholzi, Jane Stout, and lab alumnus Jeni Kubota all gave talks at the recent SPR meeting.

Congratulations to post-doc Chris Loersch, winner of the ISCON 2011 Best Paper Award for The situated inference model of priming: An integrative account of construal, behavior, and goal priming, co-authored with Keith Payne.

Tiffany Ito is a Partner Investigator on Lenny Vartanian and Eric Vanman's new grant from the Australian Research Council on intergroup emotions and prejudice toward obese people.

Summer 2012: Post-doc Chris Loersch and lab director Tiffany Ito have received funding from NIAAA to study how alcohol advertising and marketing affects adolescents' attitudes and behaviors. This project is a collaboration with Bruce Bartholow (PI), Paul Bolls, and Scott Saults at the Universty of Missouri.

Keith Senholzi's first year research project was accepted for publication at Social Cognitive and Affecive Neuroscience.

The Social Neuroscience Lab is happy to have former undergraduate research assistants Holly Gerber and Vicky Grunberg join the lab as full time research associates.

Spring 2012: Jane Stout was awarded a Chancellor's Award for Excellence in STEM Education for research examining the effects of belonging on gender differences in STEM participation.

The Social Neuroscience Lab welcomes Nick Planet to our longitudinal study of adolescent marijuana use.

Fall 2011: See coverage of our research on closing the gender achievement gap in STEM in the APA Monitor.

Summer 2011: The Social Neuroscience Lab welcomes 2 new post-docs and 3 new PRAs this summer. Welcome to Chris Loersch, Jane Stout, Kevin Brown, Caitlin Miner, and Kismet Smith.

Summer 2011: Tiffany Ito was awarded a Chancellor's Award for Excellence in STEM Education for further research on interventions that reduce gender differences in performance in college physics classes.