Current Research in Stereotyping and Prejudice (PYSC 7536)
Fall 2000

Dr. Tiffany Ito
Muenzinger E318A
(303) 492-5879
Office hours: by appt.

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COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: This will be a weekly seminar in which students and faculty discuss current research in stereotyping and prejudice. We will discuss both students' current research projects and read and critique recent relevant research articles. A major component of the class will also be the development of an NIH or NSF grant proposal. top of page




GRANT ASSIGNMENT: Students will be required to write a grant proposal in the form of an NIH Individual National Research Service Awards (NRSAs). These grants are offered at the pre- and post-doctoral level and provide a monthly stipend, tuition remission, and monies for other training activities (e.g., travel to conferences, supplies). While NRSAs do require some information not required of a regular NIH grant (i.e., RO1), the bulk of the proposal follows the same format as an R01. Thus, writing your research proposal will give you valuable grant-writing experience that will generalize to other types of grants.
Students will be encouraged to write the NIH grant most appropriate for them (i.e., a predoc or a postdoc application). First-year students will be given the option of writing an NSF Graduate Fellowship.
Students wishing to submit their grant this semester will need to have the entire application completed by the appropriate deadline. Students intending to submit at a later date will just have to turn in a completed research proposal portion of the grant by the end of the semester (i.e., the 10 page Specific Aims, Background/Significance, Research Design and Methods, and References section).
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GRANT-RELATED WEB SITES: These web sites tend to be organized so that the information is both displayed on the web page and available for download. Since you will be referring to these materials frequently, you'll probably want to download and print out a copy for yourself. Remember that you are responsible for all the technical details of the grant such as eligibility restrictions, page limits, deadlines, etc., so read these documents carefully.

NIH: 12/5, 4/5, 8/5 deadlines

NSF: 11/7 deadline

NRSA Instructions and application forms
Detailed instructions on how to fill our the necessary forms. Also includes submission deadlines.

Program Announcement (PA) for predoc grant
Includes important information on eligibility, stipends, allowable costs, and the review criteria. Also includes submission deadlines. PAs are important to read because applications are submitted in response to specific PAs or RFAs (Requests for Applications). PAs and RFAs sometimes give more specific information and guidelines. You also need to enter the relevant PA or RFA number on your application.

PA for postdoc grant

Graduate Research Fellowship guidelines and instructions
Detailed instructions on how to fill out the necessary forms. Also includes submission deadlines.

Application forms


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