Tim Curran

Research Interests

My research focuses on human learning and memory. I approach these topics from a cognitive neuroscience perspective with the goals of understanding the characteristics of mental processes and how they are realized within the brain. Most of my current research uses measures of brain electrical activity (ERPs) to study the brain processes that underlie recognition memory. In particular, ERPs are being used to dissociate the influences of recollection and familiarity on recognition memory. Other ongoing research, in collaboration with the Perceptual Expertise Network, uses ERPs to investigate the manner in which visual object recognition processes are influenced by expertise.



  • PSYC 2145: Intro Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC/NRSC 4155: Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PSYC 5665: Proseminar on Memory
  • PSYC 7215: Electrophysiology of Mind and Brain

I have had this picture on my homepage since it was taken in 2003. I thought it should be updated, so I ran it through an aging app. Actually, in 2019, I think I have less wrinkles, but more gray hair.