Current Experiments

Curran Lab experiments will be available at the CU Research System website. If you don't see any experiments currently advertised below, please check back later or try the CU Research System.

Please note, we cannot schedule you for Curran Lab experiments that occur on the same day of or between sessions of other Curran Lab experiments that you are already scheduled for.

If you have any questions about anything on this page, please contact Levi at 303-735-5288 or For directions to the lab and information on how to prepare for an EEG session, see Location and Information.

To enroll in our experiments, you must first create an account at the CU Research System website.

Then click one of the following links:

Expt. 994

Expt. 990

Expt. 955


Participants will complete 3 experiment sessions that include tasks on a computer. This experiment involves tasks performed on pictures of computer generated, imaginary species, viewed on a computer monitor.

Session 1 lasts about 80 minutes, session 2 lasts about 30 minutes, session 3 lasts about 45 minutes.

Participants will be paid $10 per hour for their time, plus a bonus of $9 if all 3 sessions are completed in 1 week. In total, participants will be paid around $35 if all 3 sessions are completed in 1 week. Participants must be 18 to 29 years old.

This study will take place in MUEN E013, which is in the Muenzinger Psychology Building (MUEN) on the CU-Boulder campus at 1905 Colorado Ave., Boulder. Take the stairs on the West side of the Muenzinger Building to the 0 level (this is one level below the first floor). Coming out of the stairs, go to your left for the E wing.

Prior participation in the following experiments will exclude participation in this experiment:

We are not scheduling this experiment outside of 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. This 3 session experiment will take 1 week to complete.

To qualify for participation, you must be

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