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We are looking for applicants who are able to make at least a one-year commitment to working in the lab at least 9 hours per week. Students working for independent study credit can earn 1 credit for every 3 hours of work in the lab each week. Independent study is available for PSYC/NRSC students only, and students typically work 9 hours in the lab each week for 3 credits. We also offer work on a volunteer basis or for work study pay, if you have a work study award. Work study pay is determined by experience and skill level and is typically between $10 and $12 per hour. You can learn more about work study and independent study online. Note: Our lab requirement for independent study credit is 3 hours in the lab each week per credit, regardless of the department's minimum requirement.

If chosen, you would be involved in several aspects of experiment implementation including but not limited to assisting with subject testing, data entry, filing, and analysis; experiment preparation; and general lab upkeep and maintenance. You would also have the opportunity to learn about the studies being conducted in the lab and, if you are ambitious and show dedication over the first year, the opportunity to conduct a future research project of your own under Dr. Curran's guidance.

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