Location and Information

Locating us

  1. Our lab is in the Muenzinger Psychology Building (MUEN)
  2. The main entrance of Muenzinger is half a block east of 18th and up the stairs.
  3. The elevator is on the right side of the main entrance lobby. Take it to the fourth floor.
  4. Walk left from the elevator, almost until the end of the hall.
  5. Room D458 is on the right. Rooms D464D and D464B are in the next suite on the right.

Here is a helpful campus map tool that can give detailed directions to Muenzinger from anywhere on the CU campus

Preparing for EEG experiments

Must be right handed and age 18-29.

Please wash and dry your hair within 24 hours prior to participating. Use shampoo only (no conditioner), and do not use any hair-gel or other hair products.

Your hair will get wet. It may also get a bit disheveled, so you might want to bring a hairbrush, comb, hat, etc. for afterward. Please avoid wearing makeup (especially eye makeup), as it may get wet and run or streak.

You will be looking at a computer screen for the experiment and should bring corrective eyewear if you need it. Some people who wear contact lenses find the experiment easier on their eyes if they take out their contacts, while others prefer contacts. If you wear contact lenses and have the option of wearing glasses instead, you will want to bring your glasses.