How can I help? (10/21/06)

We have so appreciated everyone's generosity, and are in good shape. And things will only improve as we continue to find our rhythms. So please do not feel compelled to do anything (or anything more). We've provided this list mainly because several people have requested/recommended it. We've listed lots of options just so that folks who are looking can hopefully find a good match. Thanks!!

Max's home care suggestions

If you know any nurses, nursing students, or nannies whom we might hire to provide regular help with Max's home care (or ways to reach such folks), please let us know!


We've been sustained by amazing meals through all of this. From a 5-course meal from Great Aunts Carse and Paula to perfect packets of hearty homemade spaghetti sauce from Laura Edwards. From weeks of baba's comfort cooking to numerous meals brought (and even shipped on ice) to the hospital. We also have chocolate and dessert supplies that should last us through the year, thanks to Vanessa Savas (a high school classmate) and colleague Jan Keenan.

We hope that we'll be in less need of food-for-comfort in days to come, but can appreciate the possibilities of food-to-increase-our-chances-of-showering. If the weather forecast holds, our driveway and front porch should get poured this week, which would allow our freezer to get delivered toward week's end, giving us room for meal drop-offs (and Max's milk and meds).


I'd never understood the appeal of quilts. But something about this experience has changed that. Maybe it was the colorful quilts in the hospital corridors that Max enjoyed from our very first outings, or the wild contemporary quilts exhibit on the main floor. Or maybe the oxytocin.

In any case, if you'd like to send a 6" x 6" square of fabric decorated for Max, we'll include this in a quilt for him. (People in the know indicate that you can stitch your name in the square, and should keep in mind that the outer 1/4" perimeter may get covered w/trim.) We hope the quilt will be something for Max to cherish long after he tires of our stories about how strong and brave and well-loved he was through all this.

Cat care

Please let us know if you might be available for cat care on any time scale -- from a few days during our Pittsburgh checkups, to weeks or months around transplant.


To any of the places that have cared for Max so expertly and warmly: Give blood, be an organ donor,...

Email us

Even though your emails may seem like they're going into a void, we've loved hearing from everyone rooting for Max -- colleagues from California to Connecticut to England, Belgium, and New Zealand; former students and lab members; yins in the 'burgh awaiting Max's return; Max's teams at St. Joe's and Children's; old friends from high school, college, and grad school; all of Max's extended family and fans; and former strangers in Boston, Philadelphia, India, and places unspecified.