Download Simulations for Explorations in:
Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience
Understanding the Mind by Simulating the Brain

Randall C. O'Reilly and Yuko Munakata

A Bradford Book
The MIT Press
Cambridge, Massachusetts
London, England

Downloading the Exploration Simulations

The book contains over 40 simulations, which can be downloaded here for free. The downloads include the simulator program, leabra++, which is part of the The PDP++ Software. Most major platforms are supported. Click on the appropriate link below to download the simulations for the associated platform. Most of these files are roughly 14Mb, so they will take a while to download over a slow link.

Next read this README file on how to install the program after you've downloaded it.

For configuring multiple users on a unix system (e.g., for teaching), see README.multiusers and multiusers_scripts.tar.

System Requirements

Updates and Version Numbers

Current version: 1.31 (most platforms)

We will be regularly fixing any bugs that are encountered in the simulations or the simulation software. Therefore, you should check back regularly to this site to see if there have been any updates, especially if you notice any problems. The changes and associated version numbers will be added to the following list (version numbers appear in the downloaded file name, e.g., sims_1.10_LINUX.tar.gz is the 1.10 version of the simulations for LINUX). If you find a bug that has not been fixed with a new version, please email the details (enough to reliably reproduce the bug) to anti-spam email addr img

. ChangeLog
(listed by date with most recent changes at the top, and changes associated with a version appearing below that version release entry. Changes are listed as the files affected (which may not be meaningful to most users), followed by a description of what was fixed (which should be meaningful)):


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