The PDP++ Email Discussion List Page

Last Updated: 10/05/04

NEWS (10/04): The list is now managed by mailman software, instead of listproc.

What it is

The email discussion list for PDP++ is a low volume forum for discussing all kinds of issues that come up in using PDP++, from compiling to algorithm development. Please consult the archives ( [New Archive (10/04 - present)], [Older Archive (9/99 - 10/04)], [Oldest Archive (before 9/99)]) before posting a question that might have been answered previously, and never use the list to post about any material that is not directly related to PDP++ (we reserve the right to remove your access to the list if this happens).

How to use it

The list is automatically managed via the mailman automatic list manager, running at

To manage your access to the list, go to this address: [Mailman].

Do NOT send email to to manage the list any more.

The new email address is

The old email address still works, and the previous email address of should also still work.

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