Images of the PDP++ Software

Figure: The PDP++ Network Viewer

These are pictures from the XOR demo of the PDP++ software.

xor.enviroview The environment (training/testing patterns) viewer/editor
xor.graphlogview On-line graphing of trainging and testing data
xor.gridlogview Graphical representation of network state over time
xor.projview Project viewer for managing project/spec objects

Click here for a full list of images in the following formats:
The *.ps files were generated by using PDP++'s print menu function.
The *.epsi files were created by ps2epsi on the .ps files
The *.id (idraw) files were created using pstoedit -f idraw program
The *.gif files were saved from the screen using xv grab
The *.jpg files were converted from the *.gif files using xv at 75%