Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I want to change to the Neuroscience major?

A: See the webpage How to Declare Neuroscience

Q: Will my diploma say “Neuroscience”?

A: Yes, as of 12-20-2013.

Q: I already graduated with the Neuroscience track of the Psychology major. Can I return and earn a second baccalaureate degree in Neuroscience, or can I have my diploma adjusted to say “Neuroscience”?

A: Unfortunately, neither of these is possible.

Q: Is there a Neuroscience minor?

A: No.

Q: Can I earn both the Neuroscience Certificate and the Neuroscience Major?

A: No. While you can be declared as both simultaneously, you will need to decide which one to complete prior to graduation. Please visit the Neuroscience Certificate website for more information on that program.

Q: Can I double major in Psychology and Neuroscience?

A: Yes.