Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience at CU Boulder


We are pleased that you are interested in pursuing a degree in neuroscience at the University of Colorado. Neuroscience is a collaborative and interdisciplinary study of the brain and nervous system, with subfields including molecular, cellular, developmental, neural circuits/systems, behavioral, cognitive, and translational/medical neuroscience. CU Boulder has a large and growing population of neuroscientists and is a leader in neuroscience research and graduate training.

Research progress in the neurosciences continues at a rapid pace and has generated a belief that many mysteries of the brain will be solved. For example, exciting discoveries made by neuroscientists are leading to a better understanding of

Faculty will bring the excitement of neuroscience to the undergraduate classroom and laboratory, through interactive collaborations with students.

The curriculum is intended for students interested in advanced graduate training in neuroscience or life sciences, or careers in health-related fields or the biotechnology industry.

After you have explored this website, If you would like to discuss how our major relates to your interests or career plans, do not hesitate to contact me, or the neuroscience advising office. I will be happy to set up an appointment to speak with you.

Robert Spencer, Professor
Director of the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
University of Colorado Boulder

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