Java Examples for the ATI Workshop
California State-Fullerton
10 to 13 July 2003

Gary McClelland, University of Colorado @ Boulder

This website contains some examples of Java applets. These examples provide an introduction to the types of graphics and interactivity that are possible with Java applets. A few of the examples are actual experiments, but most are small applets illustrating various concepts. The ones indicated by ** in the navigation bar to the left will be discussed in detail at the workshop.

Click on the die to the right to "flip" it. Click on it several times. Try to determine whether it is a "fair" die. This applet illustrates simple animation.

Note: Sometimes the die doesn't appear when the page is first loaded on some browsers. Just click in the lower portion of the cell to the right and the die should appear and flip.

Use the links in the navigation bar to the right to try other examples.