PSYC 4541-005, Spring 2018

The Psychology of Æsthetic Judgment

Lecture 15:30–16:45 Tuesday and Thursday, Muenzinger D346

Lew Harvey

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Office Hours:
Muenzinger D251B
To be determined and by appt.

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The syllabus and other files below are in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). Double-click on each active link to read the file. Mac users can use Preview, a pdf reader that is included with the OS X operating system. Windows users can download the free Adobe Reader from Adobe to read pdf files. For assigned journal articles and grades, check out the course page on Canvas: You will need your IdentiKey user name and password to access the course page.

  1. Syllabus
  2. How to Read a Journal Article
  3. Readings available through Canvas
  4. PsychoPy Color Scaling Experiment
  5. Report Markdown Template
  6. Generic Informed Consent Form
  7. URD Abstract Form
  8. PSYC 4541 Tools

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