I have several hobbies. Among them is:


Sailing (this is a bit difficult, but not impossible in Colorado)


(I used to be a lot better than I am today)


Golf (which I don't play well but is great relaxation once you get past the bad shots)




Skiing (the older I get, the more I turn to Nordic trails)


(Skiing photo to come)


All of these activities are more fun when I can do them with family. This is Alexander Lyle, newest addition, thanks to Andrew and Sharon





This is Betsy, Andy and me, in Bourne, MA (Cape Cod), where my ancestors are much better known that I am.

(Other photos to come)

And here's Rita, with two of her favorite four-legged, fur-bearing buddies.



For additional information on the Bourne Family Tree, go to


a site that is kept by my cousin, Lois (Yuill) Evans


or for more detail go to


which is kept by Richarad Bourne,  9362 Capeview Court, Las Vegas, NV 89148

Here is some reading on the Bourne Family:

Navas, D. (1999). Murdered by his wife. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press.

         Story of one of the more notorious members of the Bourne family

Lee, H. J. (1972). The Bourne genealogy. The Pequot Press.

Lovell, R. A., Jr. (1974, November; 1975, February; 1975, May) Annals of the revolution – Timothy Ruggles. Part 1 – 3.  The Acorn (Sandwich Historical Society).

Lovell, R. A., Jr. (1984) Sandwich: A Cape Cod town.  Sandwich, MA: Archives and Historical Center