I received a Bachelor's Degree from Brown University in l953, a Master's of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1955, and a Ph.D. in psychology from the same institution in l956. I have been a permanent member of the faculty of the Departments of Psychology of the University of Utah (1956-1963) and of the University of Colorado, Boulder (1963-present). I have been a professor of psychology since l965 and professor emeritus since 2002. I was Director of the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado (l980-l983) and Chairman of the Department of Psychology (1983-1991). I spent two years as a visiting faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley (l96l-62, l968-69).

Professionally, I am a member of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association, and I am a charter member of the Psychonomic Society, the Cognitive Science Society, and the Association for Psychological Science (formerly, the American Psychological Society).

I was elected to membership in the Society of Experimental Psychologists in l972 and received a Research Scientist Award from the National Institute of Mental Health (l97l-l976). I have served as President of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association,  of the Federation of Cognitive, Psychological, and Behavioral Sciences, of Division 3, Division of Experimental Psychology, and of Division 1, the Society of General Psychology, of the American Psychological Association.

I have written over 150 journal articles, 35 book chapters, and 16 books including most recently Training cognition: Efficiency, durability, and generaizability with (2012, Taylor & Francis) and Train your mind for peak performance (2014, American Psychological Association, click on the Forthcoming link), both with co-author Alice Healy.