Geoffrey kerr


I am a social psychology and neuroscience graduate student at the University of Colorado. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a BA in psychology and being advised by Dr. Bruce Bartholow, I did a short stint with the psychology department at NYU before moving to the amazing Boulder, Colorado.  I am currently a member of the CUSP lab and being advised by Dr. Tiffany Ito.

My main line of research is currently aimed at examining the interplay between executive functioning and prejudice and bias.   Is there a “cognitive price” for our interracial interactions?  Does depletion of executive functioning lead to more prejudiced thinking, and if so, why? Ideally, this line of research seeks to find ways to bolster one’s executive function and reduce prejudice and bias.

Another line of my research deals with the many effects of video games on the brain.  Some of my previous research has shown that violent video games make people more aggressive and less sensitive to violence. I would also like to explore the potential benefits of video games as well as its effects on executive functioning.

I pursue these goals using the very holistic approach of social cognitive neuroscience.  By applying diverse techniques such as EEG and seeking collaborations outside of social psychology, I seek to reveal the big picture behind many of social psychology’s biggest questions.

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