PhD, Cognitive Sciences
Skills and interests

Popularizing sciences

Semaine du Cerveau (Week of the brain)     2013 and 2014

Schools and holiday's center

- Discovering sciences having fun

- Activities around the brain

Scientific activities in pre-school     2012

Children of 4 and 5 years old

- Developping teaching based on the investigative approach

- Activities around the 5 senses

FĂȘte de la science (Sciences festival)     2010 and 2011

Schools and general public

- Presentation of the visual system

- Demonstrations with an eye-tracker


French : mother tongue

English : full professional competences

Spanish : fundamentals

Student jobs

Holder of the BAFA     2005

BAFA is a French qualification to work with children

- Children's leader in a children's holiday center or a day-care center



- Walking

- Climbing

- Skiing (Nordic and Alpine)


- Playing the piano since 14 years

- Have played the violin during 6 years