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Written Directions

  1. Drive west on Colorado Avenue into the CU-Boulder campus until you come to a campus gate
  2. Tell the gate attendant you have an appointment at the Cognitive Development Center (or CDC Center) in the Muenzinger Psychology building.
  3. Just after you pass through the gate, you'll drive past the stadium and come to where the road makes a 90-degree turn to the left
  4. Pull up to the last red parking meter on your right - Don't turn with the road
  5. Someone from our center will me you there, holding a brightly colored sign that says CU Language Project
  6. We will then pay the meter for you, and walk into the center together

Also, you can find a map of the campus here.
Also, you can find a map of the center here.

A Visit to our Lab

When you and your child come in for an appointment, one of our friendly research assistants will meet you outside and pay for your parking at the red meter. Once we get to the lab, there will be some paperwork for parents to complete. We have games and books available for your child to play with, and a research assistant will interact with and get to know your child so they are comfortable during the visit. If you will be bringing your child’s sibling along, we will plan to have another research assistant available to watch and play with them during the visit. Next you and your child will be asked to come into one of our testing rooms to participate in a project. We design our projects to be fun for children; we usually teach them about some objects and then ask a few questions. Your child can answer by saying yes or no, or by pointing to objects. Our projects are short and usually only take about 10-15 minutes for your child to complete. Once we have finished, your child will be given a small toy or book for their participation.