Undergraduate Research Assistant Honors Theses


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Allison O'Connor - "Screen Media: Parent-Child Discourse and Vocabulary Acquisition"
Ariel Aguilar - "Using Computational Models To Create a Word Learning Intervention"
Becca Frausel - "Relationship Between Count/Mass Nouns and Shape/Material Biases in Novel Word Learning Tasks"
Bryan Koppa - "Young Children's Word Learning through Skype"
Danielle Robinson - "What Can Children Learn from a Screen?"
Hayley Brown - "The Effects of Interactive Screen Media and Desirable Difficulty on Word Learning in Young Children"
Jessica Williams - "Joint Attention in Toddler Vocabulary Acquisition"
Katherine Cox - "Las percepciones modernas de la situación nutricional en Chile desde 2000 hasta el presente"
Katherine Double - "Modeling Developmental Word Learning in Late Talking Children"
Kelsey Young - "A Qualitative Longitudinal Analysis of Vanishing Words in Children's Parent-Reported Vocabularies"
Kristina Muntean - "Linguistic Cues and Attention to Competing Objects"
Lauren Becker - "The Effects of Screen Media Exposure on Children's Word Learning"
Mary Roszel - "Effect of Learning Environment on Parent-Child Interaction and Word Learning"
Reina Doyle - "Vocabulary Trajectories of Late Talking Toddlers"
Renee Miller - "Sentence Interpretation Strategies in Monolingual English Preschool Children"
Sabeen Ahmed - "Eyes Meet Shape: Differences in Monolinguals and Bilinguals"
Yunzhijun Yu - "Using space to conceptualize time and other domains crosslinguistically"