Life Interests

Most of my time is taken up by the guys in the picture. Luckily, as you can see, they are stackable, so they do not take up much space.
Stackable family

UPDATE: They are getting harder to stack, but here are a few near misses.

Stackable family Stackable family

Stackable family Stackable family

They are a lot of fun. Andrés has a blog about books and another one about adventures. He is a great writer. Here is one of his poems, a post-modern take on the existential issue of identity. Or something. Lucía is a fabulous dancer. No blogs yet, though.


I do other stuff for fun. Really! Ok, let me think. oh, I know! I joined the oodles of geeks who made parodies of Apple's eminently parodiable switch campaign and made my own. Switch to the dark side, linux, Iceland, or um, a clean diaper. Mine is a true story too -- Go Associationists!


Ok, that was a while ago. I also play with polymer clay. Most recently I made a dinosaur fossil collection for my son (don't tell him, he thinks it was a present from Santa Claus!) Clearly, I'm no Citi Zen Cane, but we saved a lot of money!