These are the assignments for Fallacies and Summaries. Once during the semester, each one of you will be responsible for presenting a fallacy to the group. You will have to come to class ready to explain the fallacy as well as provide one or two examples of it (better if they can come from the readings or something in real life!). These are brief informal presentations that will last a few minutes at the beginning of the class. You can choose your fallacy from these or these or any other source you have.

So far we have covered the fallacies of Bad Company, Regression to the Mean, Argument from Authority, Slippery Slope, Straw Man, Rhetorical Question, Poisoning the Well, Tu Quoque, False Dichotomy, Amphihbole, and Appeal to emotion. If I'm missing yours, please email me so I can add it and people can know not to do it again. thanks!

Additionally, once during the semester, each one of you will be responsible for emailing me a brief summary of what we talked about and concluded in class. These summaries will be used in the next class to help us build up from class to class, so naturally, they are due before the following classtime (by 10am works!).

If you have any problems with your assigned dates, please email me in advance.

Name Summary Fallacy
Allison 5-Apr 1-Feb
Ashley 31-Mar 3-Feb
Beau 29-Mar 8-Feb
Carina 17-Mar 10-Feb
Christopher 15-Mar 15-Feb
Clay 10-Mar 17-Feb
Daniel 8-Mar 22-Feb
Evan 3-Mar 24-Feb
Jenny 1-Mar 1-Mar
Joseph 24-Feb 3-Mar
Julie 22-Feb 8-Mar
Katherine 17-Feb 10-Mar
Machaela 15-Feb 15-Mar
Madeline 10-Feb 17-Mar
Mallory 8-Feb 29-Mar
Ronald 3-Feb 31-Mar
Timothy 1-Feb 5-Apr