Final Project: Helping development

This is a group project. Groups must be of 3-5 people.

The goal of this project is to apply what you have learned in class to devise a way to enhance devlopment through a toy or game. To this end, you will research a specific topic of your choice in human development, and based on that research and theories of development, you will design a toy or game that can aid development in that specific context.

Along the way there will be deadlines to prevent you from falling behind. These deadlines will give you 1pt each, towards your final project total. Here are the deadlines:

The project consists of 3 parts: a prototype of your toy or game, a brief presentation, and a short written report (brochure).

(10 pts) - due Apr 19-26
You will prepare a brief presentation of your toy or game. Your presentation should last roughly 5 minutes and cover the main features of your creation and how and why you think it will be effective. I strongly suggest you choose only one or two people to present.

One possible organization is as follows: First, briefly state the way development normally proceeds within your topic. Second, review the relevant (and only the relevant) research findings on how this typical course of development might be altered. Finally, point out the features of your toy or game and explain how and why you expect it to be effective in its goal of aiding development.

Think about your classmates as informed potential consumers of your product. That is, you want to include research (as opposed to appealing to intuitions or common sense knowledge), but cover the research in general terms, without going into methodological details.

(10 pts) - due same day as presentation
The prototype of your toy or game should be fleshed out enough to allow you to demonstrate the important features. For example, if you are talking about a board game, have at least a picture of the board and enough cards and game-pieces to demonstrate how it would work. If you are talking about a toy, you can either have a 3-d prototype made out of craft materials, showing the colors, textures etc or if it's an electronic toy drawings of the different views and features.

Brief Report
(36 pts) - due Apr 26
Your brief report will be 3-5 pages long and should read like a brochure talking about your product. Think of parents as your audience. The organization should follow the organization of your presentation, but you may be able to go into more detail on the research. Your report should consist of sections on: product overview, review of relevant developmental milestones/information, and review of research relevant to your toy or game.

Here is an example of the level of detail expected for the product overview and review of development and relevant research.