Results to conclusions

due Monday 26

In class today (Friday) we looked at the data from an experiment. For this assignment you will write up the results, concentrating on the conclusions that can be drawn from them.

  1. (1 pt.) Very briefly, describe what was the research question behind the experiment?

  2. (1 pt.) Graph the results and briefly describe them. (this description must be objective, without interpretation of what the results imply for the question)

    Here are the numerical results:
    Experience Heart rate BPM difference
    Pre-locomotor-walker 3
    Locomotor-walker 8
    Pre-locomotor-Nowalker (control) -2.5
    Locomotor-Nowalker (control) 3
    (look in the notes for an explanation of Heart rate BPM difference)

  3. (2 pt.) What do the results mean? (your interpretation of what you found, what it says about the original question)

  4. (3 pt.) List several possible explanations of your results.

  5. (3 pt.) Choose two explanations and propose an experiment that would tell you which one is correct. Make sure you specify the outcomes predicted by each of the two possible chosen explanations.

skills practiced
  • Inferring consequences from data
  • Research design
  • Communicating effectively in writing