The date under "summary" is the date of the class discussion you are going to summarize, which means you need to post your summary before the following class. To give a more specific deadline, let's say your summary should be posted by 6PM the day after the class you are summarizing. This will give people enough time to read it before the following class, as they post the comments and questions for the next reading to be discussed.

As for format, what I want you to post is a brief paragraph with the highlights of the issues discussed in class. You do not need to explain the data in any details, or cover every tangent we went through, but list the key points and the related issues that were brought up. It is especially helpful if you can highlight connections to themes and topics previously discussed in class. If you prefer to write in outline form, that is ok too.


The date under "fallacy" is the date you will present your fallacy. For this, you need to choose a fallacy out of these (you are welcome to use a different source), and prepare a 2-5 minute presentation on it and handouts to give to your classmates. Your presentation (and handouts) should include an explanation of the fallacy, why it is fallacious, and one or two understandable examples that illustrate its use (or misuse).

Above all, you need to understand what you are talking about, so if you look up a fallacy and the examples don't make sense, try to come up with your own. If you can't, pick a different fallacy!

Name Fallacy Summary
"Beaver, Molly Elaine" 10-Feb 30-Apr
"Belknap, Jennifer Leigh" 12-Feb 28-Apr
"Coughenour, Meredith Lynn" 17-Feb 23-Apr
"Criner, Douglas Adrian, Jr" 19-Feb 21-Apr
"Dvoskina, Mariya Yevgenyevna" 24-Feb 16-Apr
"Hess, Kristen Elizabeth" 26-Feb 14-Apr
"Jimenez, Zachariah Patrick" 3-Mar 9-Apr
"Johnson, Katherine Elizabeth" 5-Mar 7-Apr
"Kloeckner, Daniel Mathias" 10-Mar 2-Apr
"Leutwiler, Brett Richard" 12-Mar 31-Mar
"Mishra, Amuda" 17-Mar 19-Mar
"Ollom, Kathryn Elizabeth" 19-Mar 17-Mar
"Padhiar, Amisha Ajit" 31-Mar 12-Mar
"Palanova, Lenka" 2-Apr 10-Mar
"Petrescu, Bogdan" 7-Apr 5-Mar
"Pham, Anna" 9-Apr 3-Mar
"Reid, Kelly Lynne" 14-Apr 26-Feb
"Ryan-Todd, Nicholas Raymond" 16-Apr 24-Feb
"Scott, Cara Ann-Louise" 21-Apr 19-Feb
"Thapa, Smarika" 23-Apr 17-Feb
"Whiteside, Erica Jane" 28-Apr 12-Feb
"Jarvis, Jamie" 30-Apr 10-Feb