Name Fallacy Summary
Abbasi, Homan 26-Sep 28-Nov
Briardy, Shawn Francis 28-Sep 16-Nov
Conner, Latoya Hwang 3-Oct 14-Nov
Crabtree, Adam David 5-Oct 9-Nov
Gruno, Sean David 10-Oct 7-Nov
Lewis, Zachary Michael 12-Oct 2-Nov
Miller, Laura Christine 17-Oct 31-Oct
Neslin, Louise Rebecca 19-Oct 26-Oct
Pourjavaheri, Kayvan M 24-Oct 24-Oct
Ramos, Adam Joseph 26-Oct 19-Oct
Rojas, Tyffanie N. 31-Oct 17-Oct
Romero, Nimia Jakelin 2-Nov 12-Oct
Rose, Baily Ann 7-Nov 10-Oct
Scavuzzo, Kristin R. 9-Nov 5-Oct
Silva, Sofia Elena Yolanda 14-Nov 3-Oct
Stoddard, Kathryn Alison 16-Nov 28-Sep
Teten, Anne Elizabeth 28-Nov 26-Sep

The date under "summary" is the date you are going to summarize, which means you need to email me your summary before the next class. What I want you to send is a brief paragraph with the highlights of the issues discussed in class. You do not need to explain the data in any details, or cover every tangent we went through, but list the key points and the related issues that were brought up. If you prefer to write in outline form, that is ok too.

For the fallacy, you need to choose a logical fallacy out of these (you are welcome to use a different source), and prepare a 2-5 minute presentation on it. Your presentation should include an explanation of the fallacy, why it is fallacious, and one or two understandable examples that illustrate its use (or misuse). Above all, you need to understand what you are talking about, so if you look up a fallacy and the examples don't make sense, try to come up with your own. If you can't, pick a different fallacy!