CT notes 11/05/03

Fallacy 1- Post hoc ergo propter hoc- It happened after, therefore it was caused by. Ex: My walking up the stairs made the elevator come down to where I was.

Fallacy 2- Fallacy of accident- If x's are normally y and a is x, then a is y. Ex. If tigers are cats and cats make good pets, then tigers make good pets.

-papers are due on dec 12, not on presentation day
1. not answered
2. Empathy= self awareness and to be aware of others. Computers could be empathetic if they were aware of themselves/others.
3. There are many fascits of intelligence. i.e. there is not one attribute for intelligence, intelligence is whatever intelligent agents due.
4. No we dont understand everything with how AI relates to intelligence. ex. Language between humans and computers in class. six year olds arent intelligent. intelligence is more intelligent than we think. you need to give
robots the ability to develope, so they are not pre programmed.
5. Depends on what it is, sometimes you need feed back. web based classes vs lecture based classed have different levels of involvement.
6.Robots arent full time intelligent, but not all people drink beer. but robots are still intelligent because they do their own thing. Drunkard robots run on booze.
7. common sense= different level than robots, common sense is learned.
8. Kismit has facial expressions, but no feeling. he has learned facial expressions off of peoples expressions. the envirionment isnt real so emotions robots express are not real.
9. Same as 8, but learning isnt that different.
11. Depends on disorder, some could be intelligent is cetrain areas, but not in others.
12. Melding of 2 philosophies is good, how can you understand something if you cant build it. to understand individual components, your have to understandhow it interacts with everything else. if you just understand a piece of something, you arent understanding it fully.
13. Its possible to take over the world if you are a robot. but if we understand it, maybe we can overpower it. just cause you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not after you.
14.learning and experience are from your environment. artificial motivation would have to start of more simple. the most basic motivation is air, you donŐt need a commercial to breathe.
15. Yes you have to build something from the bottom up
16. No, there is always some experimenter bias or changing environment. Brandon will spit horse crap at all of you.
17. Face=? no, 90% of emotions go through the face. japanese brains are wired wrong election = erection.