creative math as opposed to arithmatic is exploring the bounds of a system

H-creativity is a thought that no one ever thought of before

P-creativity is internal to the individual

Conceptual space is the space in which concepts live or the domain in which you are working

Is creativity a graded principle? yes-there are different kinds of creativity...there is no real measure of creativity

Intelligence is measured in different degrees and deminsions

Boden says that to be creative is done by breaking rules...learning to be creative must be created with base knowledge....learn to know versus learn to memorize

creativity is relative to the individual as well as society...a person can consider themselves to be creative but not another

no, can't empirically reaearch can you read someone's mind?...first you need to find the exact path followed to get the idea and next

that path needs to be modeled.

no, Boden's approaches aren't any better than the AI approach, just another way of looking at it...hard to find exact definition for creativity

flexibility is of the utmost importance for creativity

autonomy is to think without outside influence...can be related to creativity...but is not necessary for creativity

if studying laws of nature, can't break rules.....creative art product must match different perceptions--people see things different ways....scientific product must match reality--everyone sees it the same way

heuristics are short cuts or rules of thumb...when searching for information heuristics guide you through the creative process

yes, creativity is related to intelligence

yes, younger children are as intelligent as the older children