H-creativity is a thought that no one ever thought of before

P-creativity is internal to the individual

Conceptual space is the space in which concepts live or the domain in which you are working

Is creativity a graded principle? yes-there are different kinds of creativity...there is no real measure of creativity

Intelligence is measured in different degrees and dimensions

Conceptual space is the space in which ideas live

Open and closed string uses the ideas from the benzene ring as an example (ring vs line)

Creativity isnŐt a graded principle it is like intelligence in that some people can be more creative than others in different areas but those areas arenŐt graded

BodenŐs definition of creativity leads the reader to believe it is more of an innate quality because part of creativity is feeling. Meaning, with structured learning, new avenues of creativity become limited because of the formal structure learned.

Creativity is relative to the individual as well as society; a person can consider themselves to be creative but not another

No, can't empirically research creativity.

No, Boden's approaches aren't any better than the AI approach, its just another way of looking at it. A definition for creativity is hard to come up with

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of creativity

Autonomy is to think without outside influence, it can be related to creativity but is not necessary for creativity

Heuristics are short cuts or rules of thumb. Searching for information heuristics guide you through the creative process by directing an avenue for pursuit.

Yes, creativity is related to intelligence

Yes, younger children are as intelligent as the older children, just in different ways

Novelty is a good definition of creativity but it isnŐt complete.


Background knowledge is required to determine if something is creative