CT4521 Notes 09/17

Chapter 2 of Understanding Intelligence:
	-Traditional cognitive outlook
	-Idea that all things are not measurable in T.C. outlook(Fails to run  with
	-Mind as a computer metaphor = many aspects of intelligence left out.
	-Decode [encode(T)(encode(X1))] = T(X1)
X1=physical entity   T=operator   encode(X1)=goldfish cracker 1   encode(T)=eat 
 decode=Eat goldfish cracker 1    -This application is consistent

-Is creation only the ability to produce diversity?
	-Broad definition that covers almost everything
	-Everything that is created cannot be considered creative all the time.
	-Creativity linked with emotion?

-Cognitive psychology has an assumption of "algorithms operation of certain data

1)Haysse generalization
-Small sample = conclusion for the big picture

2)Texas Sharpe Shooter Fallacy
-Faulty reasoning based on small samples and clustered subjects

Turing Test Machine:
-Computes every conceivable probability or mathematical outcome.
-Shows "if" "then" situational outcomes
-Most basic way of understanding computer as mind metaphor.
-Limitation is the half principle.
-Other limitations are a limited amount of tape measure for the machine to run

Practical uses of AI:
-Understanding the human mind
-Technology moves on because of developing AI systems.
-Artificial parts of the mind are feasible however they couldn't actually
replace the whole human brain or even part of our personalities.
-Some parts of the brain have been replaced with artificial parts but some areas
would be impossible to replace. (Regulatory systems)
-J.L. robot could be built in the future during which many processes of the
human mind could be unlocked.
-Sense-Think-Act to emotion:  Someone makes you mad, you get annoyed and angry,
and as a result you punch he or she in the mouth.
-Church-Turning thesis = everything that goes on in the mind can be done by a
Turing machine and Vise-Versa.
-It is possible that a computer can store information as we do. (functionalism)
-Human hardware=biology   software=environment

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