CT4521 notes 08/27



August 27, 2003

-       Syllabus

o      Easiest way is email

o      Subject (4521)

-       What is critical thinking

o      Looking for different interpretations

o      Examining, reflective thought

-       Professor

o      AI bias

o      Research

-       Monty python arguing

-       Start class

-       What is a good argument

o      Opposite of list below

o      Listening and hearing

-       What is a bad argument

o      Based in opinion

¤       Not backed by facts

o      Illogical

o      Not well thought out

o      Self contradictory

o      Based on fallacy

o      Not falsifiable

o      Not open to change

o      Irrelevant

o      Circular

o      Invalid

o      Name calling

o      Not listening

o      Arguing dogma

o      Based purely on emotion

o      Based on awful alternate reality

o      Nitpicking

o      Moving target

o      Moving too fast without chance for rebuttal

¤       Talking too fast

-       Deep blue

o      Computer that plays and wins at chess

o      Moving target

¤       Once computers can do this they are intelligent but when they accomplish it change to, thatŐs not what intelligence is

-       What is intelligence

o      Foresight

o      Hindsight

o      Sight

o      Adaptation

o      Creativity (enjoyment)

o      Understanding

o      Learn from yours or others mistakes

o      Abstract thinking

o      Knowing context

o      Motivation

o      Problem solving

o      Inquisitiveness

o      Evaluate situation

o      Transfer of knowledge

o      Associations

o      Versatility

o      Observant

o      Skillful

o      Open mind

o      Flexible

o      Emotion

o      Resilient

o      Confidence

o      Patients

o      Imagination

o      Being able to learn in general

o      Efficient

o      Using previous knowledge and understanding

o      Memory

o      Strategy

o      Ability to survive

o      Cooperation

o      Sense of humor

-       Discuss if ____ can do it

o      Computer program or robot (machine)

¤       Foresight (mechanical)

¤       Hindsight (mechanical)

¤       Sight

¤       Problem solving

¤       Evaluating situation

¤       Transfer of knowledge

¤       Associations

¤       Observant

¤       Learning

¤       Efficient

¤       Use previous knowledge

¤       Memory

¤       Strategic

¤       Cooperative

o      Dog/cat

o      Adult human

¤       In theory all

o      3 year old human

¤       Potential for all

-       Its all relative