Hollis Karoly

  • Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology
  • Faculty Advisor: Kent Hutchison
  • Fax: 303-492-2967
  • Email: Hollis.Karoly@Colorado.edu


  • BA, University of Pennsylvania (Biological Basis of Behavior), 2010
  • MA, University of Colorado Boulder, expected 2013
  • PhD, expected 2017

Research Interests

Understanding the etiology and course of alcohol use disorders by combining neuroimaging methods with genetic analyses; DNA methylation in response to long term alcohol use, including the implication of cardiovascular exercise as a protective or reparative factor; neurobiological correlates of craving and response inhibition, and the relationship between incubation of craving and relapse.

Publications and Presentations

Karoly, H. C., Stevens, C. J., Thayer, R. E., Magnan, R. E., Bryan, A. D., & Hutchison, K. E. (2013). Aerobic Exercise Moderates the Effect of Heavy Alcohol Consumption on White Matter Damage. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Karoly, H. C., Harlaar, N., & Hutchison, K. E. (2013). Substance use disorders: a theory‚Äźdriven approach to the integration of genetics and neuroimaging. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Karoly, HC., Stevens, CJ., Magnan R., Harlaar, N., Bryan, AD., & Hutchison, KE. (2012): Genetic Influences on Physiological and Subjective Responses To An Aerobic Exercise Session Among Sedentary Adults. Journal of Cancer Epidemiology (in press)

Karoly HC, & Hutchison KE (2012): Does Stress Contribute to the Incubation of Craving? Biological Psychiatry (in press)

Karoly HC, Monnig M, Harlaar N, RE Thayer, & Hutchison KE (2012): Genetic Variation in HTR2A and PTPRB is Associated With Alcohol Dependence and White Matter Integrity in the Posterior Thalamic Radiata. Poster presentation at the Research Society on San Francisco, CA.

Harlaar, N., Karoly, HC., Bryan, AD., & Hutchison, KE. (2011): Methylation of genes implicated in alcohol- related carcinogenesis is associated with alcohol use in a community sample of high-risk drinkers. Manuscript under review.

Stevens, C.J., Karoly, HC, & Bryan, A.D. (2011): From genes to behavior change: Treatment response as an intermediate phenotype. Chapter under review.

Karoly HC, Blaine SK, Martinez AJ, and Hutchison KE (2011). CRHR1 SNP (rs242924) predicts affective response to intravenous alcohol infusion. Poster presentation at the Research Society on Alcoholism, Atlanta, GA.

YorkWilliams S, Karoly HC, Jones JD, and Ruscio AM, (2010). The Role of Harm Avoidance in Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder Comorbidity. Poster presentation at World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies conference, Boston, MA.

Karoly HC and Bale TL, (2009). Alterations in 5-HT Pathways in Stress Sensitive Knockout Mice. Poster presentation at University of Pennsylvania Biological Basis of Behavior Department Honors Symposium, Philadelphia, PA.

Karoly HC, (2005). Preferences for Motivational Self-Statements: Effects of Running Distance and Gender. Poster presentation at the American Psychological Society 17th annual convention, Los Angeles, CA.