Summer 2017

Theory Debates in Social Psychology

A bi-weekly summer short-course sampling major theoretical debates within the field.

Spring 2017

PSYC-2606.001/002: Introduction to Social Psychology

This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of social psychology. Your goal is to learn, (a) how social behavior is scientifically studied, (b) the major concepts, research findings, and issues in the field, and (c) how to think like a social psychologist.

Fall 2015

PSYC-5606-801: Attitudes - Theory and Measurement

This course will survey classic and contemporary conceptualizations of the attitude construct with a focus on understanding the question, "What is an attitude?" In doing so, we will examine the cognitive processes that underlie attitude formation and expression and the practical and theoretical issues that have presented themselves as the field has attempted to measure this construct.