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What is SASPairs?

SASpairs is a series of SAS SCL (SAS Component Language) frames and code, SAS macros and SAS data sets that fit models in genetic epidemiology to pairs of relatives using a simple point-and-click interface. At the same time, a user can edit existing SAS code or write new SAS code to develop novel models, save those models, and then recall them using the point-and-click interface.

Currently SASPairs is in beta testing. That is, it works, but not all of its features have been rigorously explored. See the Known Problems for information on bugs, documentation errors, and other known difficulties.



What if I do not know SAS?

Although you must have SAS installed on your computer, it is not necessary to know the SAS language in order to run SASPairs. If your data are on an Excel spreadsheet or in an SPSS file, then you can use SASPairs to import your data into SAS.

That said, to develop your own models, you can define matrices and apply Mx commands to them using the point-and-click interface, but you will need familiarity with IML (Interactive Matrix Language) in SAS to write the model. Although IML has a very large number of features, the majority of syntax needed to fit genetic models is simple. See the SASPairs Reference Manual for a brief introduction to IML.



What do I need to run SASPairs?

(1) Either a Unix/Linux operating system or Windows XP. (NOTE: SASPairs may run with other versions of the Windows operating system; but it has tested only on Windows XP.)

(2) Version 8.0 or higher of SAS. (NOTE: SAS is very expensive, so check with your University's Information Technology folks for its availability on local computers and/or for site license fees.)



How can I get a copy of SASPairs?

SASPairs is available free of charge. Click here for instructions on downloading and installing SASPairs.



What documentation is avaiable for SASPairs?

Full documentation for the point-and-click interface is under development so not all of it is available. Otherwise, click on the following links for documentation:


Brief Introduction to the features of SASPairs:

SASPairs Reference Manual (for batch submissions):


Can I modify SASPairs?

All code in SASPairs is open code and may be modified and distributed as long as the resultant modifications and distributiuons are also made available free of charge to the public. Otherwise, SASPairs is copyrighted and the author has a very good lawyer.



How do I report a problem or bug?

Send email to Please include the following in your email: