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  • These are a series of practice quizzes and tests to assess your mastery of the material in HGSS. The archtecture for the quizzes is rather primitive, particularly for fill-in-the-blank responses. Slight spelling errors or variation in text could give you an incorrect answer. Don't worry! An actual human being will grade your exams and will ignore minor spelling errors.
  • These quizzes are under development and will change at any time.
  • These quizzes are written in Macromedia Flash 5.0 and may cause problems if you do not have the current version (Flash 5.0 or higher) of Macromedia's Flash Plug-In for your browser. If you find that an icon resembling a "puzzle piece" appears or if text, figures, buttons, etc. are writing over one another, then you do not have the current plug-in. Ordinarily, your browser will prompt you to obtain or update the plug-in. To obtain the current plug-in on your own, click here and follow the directions for installing it on your computer.


Directions on Doing the Quizzes

Quiz: Chapter 2 - The Cell

Quiz: Chapter 3 - DNA

Quiz: Chapter 4 - Regulation & Epigenesis (partly completed)

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