Human Genetics for the Social Sciences

Links to Genetic Web Resources

General Links and Elementary Genetics:

Genetics - Biology New Links (lots of links)
MendelWeb Homepage (classical genetics, history, and Mendel's original paper)
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center
University of Arizona Biology Project (problem sets and tutorials on Mendelian genetics)
DOE Primer on Molecular Genetics
National Center for Biotechnology Information genome guide
Wellcome Trust Genome Page
Yahoo Latest News in Biotechnology and Genetics
Yahoo's list of genetic-related websites

Quantitative Genetics: 

Lynch and Walsh book on quantitative genetics (advanced)

Human Genome Project:

National Human Genome Research Institute Home Page
Department of Energy HGP Web Page
Wellcome Trust Genome Page
Nature Human Genome Issue (02/15/01)
Science Human Genome Issue (02/16/01)
Celera Corporation

Human Genetic Disorders:

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (for those who know a lot about genetics)
National Center for Biotechnology Information (limited range of disorders)



Cytogenetics Gallery (pictures of chromosomes)


National Human Genome Research Institute Glossary
Birgid Schlindwein's Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms (excellent resource)

Behavioral Genetics:

Behavior Genetics Association (BGA)

Human Evolution and Evolutionary Psychology:

Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES)

Primates and Apes:

Dennis O'Neil's Introduction to the Primates (recommended)
William H. Calvin, "Bonobos: The Left Bank Chimpanzee"
Franz DeWaals "Bonobo Sex and Society"
Emory University's Living Links
Primate Conservation & Welfare Society

Orangutan Foundation International
Jane Goodall Institute
Bonobo Protection Fund

History and Eugenics:

Eugenics archive at Cold Spring Harbor
Biography of Carl Linnaeus

Charles Darwin:

The Darwin Page (lots of links)
Darwiniana (C. Warren Irvin, Jr. collection)

Darwin & Wallace

On the Origin of Species
The Descent of Man
The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals


HGSS Home Page

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