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Module I: Basic Genetics

Chapter 1: Lemonade
Chapter 2: The Cell
Chapter 3: DNA and the Genetic Code
Chapter 4: Genetic Regulation and Epigenesis
Chapter 5: Mendelian Traits and Behavior
Chapter 6: Disorders with Complex Genetics
Chapter 7: The New Genetic Technologies
Chapter 8: Chromosomes
Chapter 9: Mendel
Chapter 10: Morgan
Chapter 11: Association Studies

Module II: Evolution and Evolutionary Psychology

Chapter 12: Introduction to Module II
Chapter 13: The Five Forces Behind Human Evolution
Chapter 14: Human Evolution
Chapter 15: Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology
Chapter 16: Principles of Evolutionary Psychology

Module III: Behavioral Genetics

Chapter 17: Introduction to Module III
Chapter 18: Quantitative Genetics: I. Important Concepts
Chapter 19: Quantitative Genetics: II. Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 20: Genes, IQ Scores, and Social Status: I. The Phenotype of IQ
Chapter 21: Genes, IQ Scores, and Social Status: II. Genetic Epidemiology
Chapter 22: Personality
Chapter 23: Schizophrenia
Chapter 24: Antisocial Behavior and Violence


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