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Institute for Behavioral Genetics
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Mendelian Transmission:
Offspring from the matings on ABO blood groups
Offspring from the matings on Rh blood groups

Gametes under linkage
Linkage pedigrees

Understanding heritability:
Heritability: Introduction (text only)
Heritability I: Scatterplots.
Heritability II: Environmental variation around a genotypic value.
Heritability III: Culture and heritability.
Heritability IV: Between-group Heritability.

Computing heritability annd environmentability:
The Twin Method

Understanding the threshold model:
Threshold Models: Background (text only)
Threshold I: Introduction to the Threshold Model
Threshold II: Heritability and the Threshold Model
Threshold III: Effects of a Changing Environment
Threshold IV: The Correlation in Liability
Threshold V: Estimating the Correlation in Liability

Genetic Variance Components for a Single Locus
Single Locus Variance Components

Gene-Environment Interaction
Gene-Environment Interaction-I: Sensitivity to the Environment

Natural Selection 1: Selection for a multifactorial trait
Natural Selection 2: Selection on a single locus (not working correctly yet)
Genetic Drift

Set Point Models:
Set Point 1: Ordinary set point model
Set Point 2: Model with an extreme environmental event

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