Carey: Psyc 5741: QMIN: Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience

Class Data Sets


(1) This page is under construction so not all materials may be available..

(2) To download a data set, right click on SAS (for SAS .sas7bdat format) or SPSS (for .sav SPSS format).

(3) All data sets are in the public domain, but I have lost the references to some of them. Feel free to copy and distribute them, but do not use them for commercial gain.

(4) Downloadable documentation (which can also be viewed in the browser) is in the form of a .txt or .pdf file.This makes it easy to view in a web browser. The links under "Notes" can provide SAS code for performing analyses on the data sets.

(5) The entries under the "Notes" column show any one of a number of things: the type of analysis for which the data set is useful, a homework assignment (past or present), or a .sas file giving the code for a SAS PROC using the data set.


GLM: Regression

Data Set Description Source/Documentation Download
nicotinic_receptors Effect of age and cotinine levels on the concentration of brain nicotinic receptors. Based on Martin-Ruiz et al. (2003), Biological Psychiatry 54:1222-1233 SAS    SPSS
outlier Example of the effect of an outlier. Fictitious SAS    SPSS
five_hiaa Example of polynomial regression: CSF 5-HIAA levels over time. Fictitious SAS    SPSS
sex_recovery Example of interaction: prior sexual experience and dose of an androgen. Basic endocrinology of behavior. SAS    SPSS
cigarette_withdrawal Polynomial regression with ordered groups: abstinence from cigarettes and alpha EEG activity. Fictitious SAS    SPSS
poly_interaction Polynomial regression with an interaction. Fictitious SAS    SPSS



Data Set Description Source/Documentation Download
ssri_1 Example of a oneway ANOVA: Effect of four different SSRIs. Fictitous SAS    SPSS
ssri_2 Example of two-way ANOVA: SSRIs and Stress. Fictitious SAS    SPSS
mouse_sociality Example of a multiway ANOVA: Effects of strain, sex, and vasopressin on mouse sociality. Based loosely on the work of Tom Insel and colleagues. SAS    SPSS
clinical_trial_1 Example of ANCOVA: Clinical trial with baseline symptoms as a covariate. Many studies on the relative efficacy of antidepressent drugs and cognitive therapy. SAS    SPSS
bdnf Increased power by coding categorical variables. Fictitious SAS    SPSS
pkcgamma Anxiety and pkc-gamma knockout mice genotypes: Various methods of coding categorical variables. Bowers et a. (19XX), Behavior Genetics:XX, XXX-XXX. SAS    SPSS
helmert1 Learning curve: Coding categorical variables: Helmert code. Fictitious SAS    SPSS
helmert2 Learning curve: Coding categorical variables: Reverse Helmert code. Fictitious SAS    SPSS
gaba_blocker Anxiolytics and GABA blockers: Coding categorical variables to test hypotheses. Fictitious SAS    SPSS
posthoc_strain1 Sleep time after ethanol in mice: Example of multiple comparison procedures (post hoc tests): Balanced design. McClearn SAS    SPSS


GLM: Classic Repeated Measures

Data Set Description Source/Documentation Download
ASR Acoustic startle response Fictitous SAS    SPSS
Initial Example Initial Example Fictitious SAS    SPSS
Hermesis Hermesis   SAS    SPSS